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Avr 7, 2024 | About me

About me, 2024

About me

Hello, everyone.

My name is Mariana, a digital analytics consultant who has found her new home in Amsterdam for the past four months.

I reflect here, in my digital corner, not so much for the external world but as an introspective dialogue that allows me to delve into the depths of my profession. Each post titled « About Me + Year » becomes a mirror where I confront my thoughts, rather than just an exercise to appease an audience.

This practice has become my small act of rebellion against the crushing expectations of the corporate world, which often fuel that uncomfortable imposter syndrome, especially in those moments of vulnerability when I navigate LinkedIn.

In this absurd theater we often call ‘work’, we’ve been sold the idea that passion for our job is the eternal flame that should guide us. Yet here I am, candidly confessing my distrust for those whose fervor is limited to a single obsession. Why limit oneself to one passion when the universe offers an infinite catalog of wonders to discover and absorb?

I resonate with the ideas presented in « The Right to Be Lazy » by Paul Lafargue, criticizing the idolization of work in capitalist society: « Laziness is the mother of all noble arts and sciences, » Lafargue asserts, inviting us to reconsider the value we assign to constant work and productivity.

While my profession places me at the core of digital analysis, my essence pulses to the rhythm of a symphony of interests ranging from philosophy and humanities to the deep study of emotions.

Dance and crafting are extensions of my being, through which I explore and express my humanity. In this mosaic of passions, no single color stands out: everything fascinates me. Each interest is a thread that weaves my understanding of the world and myself.

My engagement with the digital world is more than a professional choice; it is a pathway to introspection, a window through which I examine my humanity in the era of technology.

How does this constant interaction with the digital affect us? In what ways can technology both alienate us and connect us more deeply with our essence? »

In this journey, I invite you to explore with me the intricate dance between our digital and physical realms, encouraging a dialogue that transcends the binary of offline and online. As we navigate this interconnected world, let us cherish the diversity of our passions and the richness of our human experience, constantly questioning, learning, and evolving. Welcome to my blog, a space for reflection, discovery, and connection in the vast expanse of our digital age.

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