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Hello everyone,

After nearly three years since my last « About me, or an unconventional CV » it feels necessary to update this section.

My name is Mariana, and my life took a complete turn three years ago when I decided to take a short vacation in France. As I disembarked from the plane, Macron’s voice reverberated on the radio, announcing a mandatory lockdown for the upcoming months due to COVID.

And yes, that’s how, after countless canceled flights and closed borders, I found myself living in France.

Ah, France, the land of crepes and croissants! (: (not to mention oysters, cheeses, wines, delicious strawberries, escargots, and oh-my-god-what-desserts). I’ve learned so much from you.

It’s unbelievable that in just a few months, I’ll be relocating to Amsterdam. I can’t wait to experience that constant feeling of surprise once again, encountering new cultures: their food, people, landscapes, and languages.

Now, returning to the renowned « about me, » I’m delighted to see that I have remained true to what I believed three years ago when I summarized my « unconventional CV » in a few words. So, I will allow myself to resume it:

(…) what I have learned from this profound inner journey of reflection on life and existence, which by its very nature will never cease until life itself does, is that there is one commitment worth making: the conviction that no single job, activity, social role, or even place in the world should define oneself. Moreover, it should never be reduced to a two-word, trendy anglicism.

So, honestly – yet also with dignity, if I were permitted to write such a CV, I believe I would simply say:

I am Mariana Díaz, and I love to learn.

Check out my normal CV here

However, building a career has its own rules and needs, and you have to eventually abide...