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So, if the pleasure derived from yoga is not merely comparable to the pleasure of eating ice cream, it’s natural to question why we exert ourselves so much. In other words, what does yoga mean to us? Like many others, it is about connecting with ourselves.

However, unraveling the meaning of this catchphrase is not easy. Connecting with ourselves often entails connecting with our inner selves while remaining aware of our surroundings. This means understanding that we are part of something greater and realizing our unique place within it.

We believe that there is no separate self apart from our bodies; we are living, conscious bodies. Therefore, yoga enables us to become compasses that navigate the lifelong process of finding our place within the whole, not just as a means but as a token of our unity and potential communion with others and everything that exists. Whether we realize it or not, this perspective leads us to an alternative ethics based on our embodiment as the foundation of our ethical life. It emphasizes the experience of the living body to create a truly meaningful existence.